Monday, October 11, 2010


Guys I recently went to a Pudding Party

We bought over 300$ of pudding

Girls wrestled in it.


We had over 300 people at the end of the night at this party.
 Many people were drunk, including yours truly.

Whats the craziest party you've ever been to?


Quinn Electronics said...

It must have taken foreeevvver to open up all those pudding cups

The Greater Spartan said...


LoneIslander said...

Sadly I am a loser and never get invited to any parties.

Tim said...

Me and my mates go round the estate in our Nissan micras. And when we get really wild, we kick flowers.
Once, I even crossed the road whilst the Redman was on.

Thumb said...


funkotron77 said...

Amazing! More pictures if you have any, please! The craziest party I've been to was Bulletstorm release party. Free everything! It was great.

RoodNverse said...

i went to a party that didnt have any booze , talk a bout crazy huh? FUKING GAY PARTY MORE LIKE IT

la com├ędie said...

great post

Conor McCabe said...

im now considering this next time i have a party