Saturday, September 25, 2010


So a few things you should bring for college without a doubt are....

You will go through so many clothes, like you don't even know

-A Mini Fridge
Even if you have your own fridge, having a small personal one kicks ass
and works as a personal stash for anything from cake, to weed, to beer,
to books ( yes I just said books, its been done before)

The bigger the better, for games, gaming, movies, or just general watching

I can not express how much food you will need just to last you one semester,
budget as much as possible and remember generic taste just as good if you close your eyes

-A Laptop
If by now it hasn't dawned you that you might need one then, run and get one now!
We are entering a more and more technology dependent lifestyle every year
I literally have not met one person on campus that doesn't have a laptop.
Even if your dirt poor and relying on financial aid to pay for your ride,
a shitty laptop is better then NO laptop, but if money is really that tight for you,
wait till the end of summer for back to school specials, then wait for that tax free
weekend to kick in and you'll save about 200$-500$, depending on
what, and where you buy.

Ahhh yes moolah, deniro, greenbacks, will need it
and LOTS of it, get a job over the summer, get a job on or off campus, or
drain from your parents if they are rich. You WILL want to buy something, or if somehow 
you don't want to you will NEED to, be it some gas, some food, a shirt, cigarettes, condoms,
or throwing in for a beer run. You will spend a ridiculous amount of money while 
in college, so better find a way for money somehow.

-Iron Will
You will see and go through so much weird shit in college and everyone you know will change.
It will happen wether or not your ready, so get prepared now.
i.e. I went to a frat party and the cops showed up because they gave a dog alcohol poisoning,
ABC parties......Anything But Clothes......very interesting.
Boxers N Blazers...........also very interesting.
Point is that there will be all kinds of crazy ass parties,
 that crazy ass shit is gonna go down, so heres your warning.

If you bring a car, that will make life sooooooo much easier. 
Not depending on other people for rides and having a place to sleep
 in case you get lost/left somewhere in Georgia for example is awesome.

Apart from whatever else you will obviously need, bed stuff, shower stuff, decorations, etc.
You should primarily work on getting at least most of the stuff on this list.

Feel free to add to the list with a comment!


Ferdinand Gman said...

still love this pic =D

vibe said...

im smiling, im a freshman

DJ Mustache said...

I graduated a year ago....but i still go back to parties and bang freshman....yeah i'm that guy.

Epic Fitness said...

great post, you are right on with this list.

Element said...

Haha nice info!!

RandomlyRated said...

Exactly this!

idowhatilikecauseilikewhatido said...

Who said there's anything wrong with banging freshmen?

Defective Robot said...

Pretty much covered it all lol

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Skutt Panda PO said...

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Good list dude.