Friday, September 24, 2010

What Kind Of Awesome Pet Do You Want Or Own?

Me personally, I think CHINCHILLAS  are fucking awesome, 
they're basically a mix between a rabbit and a squirrel and are really,
really easy to take care of apparently. To clean them all you do is 
give them a bowl of some dust and they roll in for like 10 seconds and
BAM they're clean. Not to mention the coolest thing about them is that,
(this is not a blue chinchilla, its a picture of my friends)

So my question to you guys is, What kind of kick-ass pet do you want/own?
I don't mean like, "Oh hey Jake I own a cat and 2 dogs hurrr hurrr"
Something like, a fucking Tarantula, a Scorpion, a fucking Bear, an Alligator,
just something cool! Pics are welcome!


Anonymous said...

dude i own a fucking python! its cool as fuck to feed!

gstracer said...

I want a fuckin hedgehog

3rd_Shift_Clerk said...

I used to have a couple iguanas and a bat. That was a while ago though.

Mydailydreams said...

I haz a dog! inb4

Silly Old Bum said...

i want a deer!

Ichirandu said...

I would looove to own a pikachu, theyre really fun and they electrocute bad guys for me.

DinoHunter said...

I'm so drunkkkk rite nao. My friend had one of those things they're fast as shit. Like for real,he would be on the floor and in a second he would be on a dresser. I'm talkin speedy gonzales shit!

Asprin Mandula said...

I have a parakeet, I want a lizard!

bruno said...

i'll stick with a dog
great post by the way

TheBerserkerHobo said...

I want a kimodo dragon. I'd have it attack the neighbors.